In the heart of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Yousif Qassim Art Café, an artistic concept confectionery is located in Reem Centre-East Riffa.

Designed with sheer contemporary creativity, YQ Art café embraces a unique environment that captivates the artistic rhythm and beyond.

YQ Art Café was incepted on the 4th of January 2012, by Yousif Qassim Art Center owners, Mr. Tariq Yousif Qassim Al-Khaja and renowned wife.


To serve delicious, healthy, high – quality, soul – satisfying, deeply nourishing, “home crafted” coffee, tea, pastries, sweets, and snacks.

The artistic creativity and skills that are deep rooted in the founder’s family of YQ Arts, was the initial reason behind its name, where the café is innovatively recreated and decorated as a piece of art in its style and spirit.
Freshly brewed coffee ‘made in Italy’, assorted tea collection with 5-star standards ‘made in Germany’ along with other hand-crafted beverages (Hot & Cold) are a few of its celebrations. YQ Art also serves assortment of fresh pastries and sandwiches along with different kinds of confectioneries that definitely tantalise our customer’s taste buds.

If you want to take your aromatic special drinks home, YQ Art offers you a range of pure Italian coffee flavors and an array of German Teas deliciously picked and packed such as Green Jasmine Gold, Fruity Camomile, and much more.

You can choose a cute mug for your coffee and tea, styled with unique designs and textures specially made to add up to your beverage experience wherever you are.

Our concept stores will soon be accessible in more than one area to reach our loyal customers wherever they are.

Strategically located in a niche area with an outdoor/ indoor setting, giving its customers the privilege to enjoy their coffee in the open air, or indoors, in a cosy ambience.

A special smoking area is dedicated on the upper level of the coffee shop, providing smokers with their own secluded private spot.

YQ Art café believes in offering its customers a superb personalised homey feeling by enhancing their recreation experience with a number flat screen to watch their favourite programs and accessible WiFi.


YQ Art Café is committed to offering its clientele an artistic creative confectionery experience that embraces outstanding quality food, passionate customer service and a lingering recreational ambiance that enriches the body and soul.

Whatever the theme, or occasion, YQ Art offers you a palette of catering colors and flavors that are custom made to suit your taste.