Creativity is not a measure of skill, it is a passion that personifies ‘redefinition’ which has been personified by Yousif Qassim, renowned Bahraini artist, musician and photographer who has lived and contributed to the evolution of, art, music and photography in the Kingdom. Yousif Qassim defined his artistic eye to that of a passionate bird, soaring into the skies of creativity with no horizons and attracted by each and every detail. His passion lives on today and his legacy continues to be nourished by his son Tariq Al Khaja – the rebirth of senses. Tariq Al Khaja’s work is a feast of color in which the viewer can find an abstract aesthetic form and creative details. It is a visual testament of his mind, body and spirit triggered by a continuous search into an unknown abstraction.

Art is an inner urge, a passionate dose of creative skill and is a visual extension of one’s self. Any material thing can be creatively transformed into a piece of artistic interpretation.